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Crystal Pencils

Shop Authentic Crystal Pencils!

We have these beautiful crystal pencils available in mostly 7-8cm size. These crystal pencils can be carried with you in your bag all day or placed in your bedroom. 

You can also place these crystal pencils on your work desk. Some people also keep their crystal pencils close during their yoga session or meditation.

Crystal Pencil Benefits:

  • It Balances the Mind, Body & Soul, Keeps You Calm
  • Give your inner Strength
  • Increase Physical Healing Energy
  • Good for Blood Circulation
  • Beneficial for Sleeplessness
  • Remove Toxic Element for Body
  • Help in Cleansing & Protecting  your  Aura
  • Best Healing Stone
  • Improve Creativity & Enhance Concentration
  • Helps In Anger Control

Every healing crystal pencil have different healing properties. Choose the crystal pencil based on your personal requirements. 


How to use Healing Crystal Pencils?

Use your crystal pencils during meditation. This will enhance the quality of your meditation. You can also carry you crystal pencil in your bag throughout the day to let the crystal absorb certain vibrations. 



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