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Which way should elephant face for good luck?

In some cultures and beliefs, elephants are considered symbols of good luck, wisdom, and strength. The direction in which an elephant should face for good luck can vary depending on the specific tradition or region. Here are a few common interpretations:

  1. Many believe that an elephant should have its trunk facing upwards, as it symbolizes prosperity, good fortune, and abundance. This is particularly common in Indian and Southeast Asian cultures.

  2. Some traditions suggest that an elephant with its trunk facing the entrance of a home or building is a sign of good luck, as it is said to attract positive energy and ward off negative influences.

  3. In Feng Shui, a Chinese philosophical system that focuses on harmonizing energy flow, the placement of an elephant with its trunk up and facing inward into the room is thought to bring good luck and happiness.

  4. In certain cultures, people may place elephant figurines or statues facing the front door as a symbol of protection and to welcome good luck into their homes.

It's important to note that these beliefs are cultural and not universal. Different cultures may have different interpretations, so it's essential to respect and understand the specific cultural context in which these beliefs are practiced. Ultimately, the most important thing is to appreciate and respect the cultural significance of elephants and their representations.

Apart from the cultural aspect, elephants are mystical and special animals. In a time, when humans are struggling to give women their rights, they live harmoniously in a matriarchal society and the oldest female elephant leads the herd with her wisdom and intuition. We feel elephants are truly a symbol of wisdom and sixth sense. 

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