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Choosing beauty on the inside over outside!

How you look on the outside holds little to no value!

The consistent growth of the cosmetic industry and cosmetic procedures is a clear indication of how far we are moving from the truth. Body positivity being the hot topic of discussion seems like people convincing themselves that it is okay to not entirely fit into the global beauty standards, at the same time why is there is a sudden need for this self-convincing. Your beauty on the outside isn’t entirely a choice. Spiritual wisdom says your physical body is like a temporary pair of clothes that soon you will change.  

Comparing this situation to our everyday life. Once we get ready and leave for work, we aren’t best-dressed every day. However, we can’t keep lingering on how we are looking, we must focus on the job we have to complete for the day. Similarly, when we take a physical body for life on earth, we should get on to the tasks of self-growth and focus on finishing our job here instead of lingering on to our physical appearance for our entire life. 

It is believed our soul goes through three different worlds before reaching the final destination and there is a reason why our journey on earth is considered to be one of the most difficult. This materialistic world forces us to dwell on superficial aspects such as beauty and wealth. The whole world is created in such a way that no matter how much we nourish ourselves with positive thoughts, at the end of the day our desire for beauty and wealth will somehow kick in and will impact our peace of mind. 

The escape from each world is necessary for us to finish the journey and the route of escape is realization. All godly figures such as Christ or buddha have been addressed as men of realization. Every little understanding takes us a step forward towards realization and helps us choose the right desires. The right desires will bring contentment and the superficial desires for beauty bring us misery, pain and insecurity. 

The beauty that is truly appreciated and must be elevated is in the service of mankind. It is the beauty that is fueled by spreading love and happiness. It is in the empathy one has for pain in the surroundings. Such beauty touches hearts and is penetrated deeper into the society, it lightens up the surroundings and cannot be ignored. It is the beauty that rewards you with a sense of lasting and true happiness. At last, one has full control over the beauty on the inside and all the right reasons to shift the focus from the beauty on outside to inside. 

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