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OM: What is om? Why are the benefits of chanting OM?


Benefits of chanting OM:

Let's begin with why we should chant om, without going into any deeper explanation about its meaning. 

When we chant OM, it activates all 72000 Nadis. These nadis are the channels which are connected to the spiritual energy centres of the body, called the chakras.

When these chakras are activated, they help in circulation of life force. This process of chanting om is extremely significant in meditations as it relaxes your mind and body and reduces blood pressure. It not only helps the person chanting OM but also purifies the surroundings. 

Practising OM every day a few minutes everyday will definitely improve your concentration and enhance your self-healing power. Undoubtedly, OM is one of the most efficient breathing exercises, as it targets your throat, sinus and even strengthens your spinal cord. I must have missed countless benefits, but these should be enough to get you started with OM chanting for a few minutes every morning. 

What is the meaning of OM?

There are various interpretations of the meaning of OM. It is considered as the first sound and the whole universe was created around it. Just like there are 3 primary colors and all other colors are formed by mixing them in different ratios. Similarly, OM is constituted of A-U-M which are the first three primary sounds and all other sounds, in all the languages, are formed by using these sounds in different ways. 

All the 3 sounds in OM holds different values. OM chant begins with a prolonged "awe" sound which directly impacts the solar plexus chakra, followed by an "oo" sound which clears the throat. It ends with "MM" sound which causes vibrations in your upper body, mainly face. 

OM does not belong to one religion, it is part of enhancing spiritual growth and purification of thoughts and body. It has been acknowledged by different religions as a sacred mantra.  

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