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Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

Most people believe in logic more than superstition. Personally, I felt the same about wearing any jewelry for a reason such as health or behavior. Somehow, unknowingly I got hit by anger issues and it was impossible to let go. There were certain triggers that would make me angry and no matter how much self-talk I have regarding my anger as soon as the conversation was about something that was my trigger I would lose my mind. 

My parents took me to a physiatrist and he counseled me and suggested I visit again if I cannot manage my anger. As the anger issues were very recent in my life he did not consider putting me on medication right away. After leaving the doctor, I felt he wasn't qualified and I could justify my anger with all the correct arguments to myself. 

This entire situation was extremely complicated and brought immense stress to me and my family. As a blessing, my birthday came and my mom gifted me a silver necklace and bangle. I wore it without giving much thought to it as it was pretty. I cannot say what happened after wearing those but somehow what my self-talk and psychiatrist could not do happened out of nowhere. My mind could see the point in letting go after wearing the silver accessories. I will be sharing the picture of the silver items my mom gave me. 

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This entire situation strengthened my belief in wearing silver jewelry and the cool and calming impact of wearing silver. Later on, I was reading a book called Autobiography of a Yogi where there is one character Sri Yukteshwar Mukhi who I really admired he suggested a disciple wear a silver bangle in his illness and he was also able to predict that wearing the silver bangle will shorten the span of illness by the 15 days. This entire story was a validation for me about wearing silver jewelry. 

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