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5 Anklets that you should be wearing in 2023

History of Anklets:

History of anklets dates back to ancient Egypt. What we find most beautiful about anklets is that it has been worn by people of all class. 

While jewelry has always created a divide between the rich and poor, anklets have always been a fashion statement for everyone. As they made of beads, threads and silver, they have been available at affordable prizes. 

We have picked some anklet styles that will be trend setters in 2023:

1. Black Thread Anklets ~ $19.99.

These beautiful black thread anklets are considered a sign of protection. Topping them with these beautiful, lucky and meaningful symbols is a cherry on the cake. 

2. Natural Obsidian Stone Anklet~ $24.99 

Obsidian is a highly-regarded protective stone, known for its ability to block, absorb, and transform negative energy. Obsidian is believed to be a stone of clarity, with the ability to release emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages, drawing out stress and tension.

3. Pearl Anklet ~ $24.99 

Pearls are beautiful and have a calming effect on our mind. it is advised that people with bad temper and anger issues should wear pearl. It also helps in curing depression, mental disorders, improves memory, and enhances the intelligence of the individuals as well. Provides self-confidence to the wearer.

Pearl Anklet


 4. Evil Eye Lucky Elephant Anklet ~ $24.99 

The elephant is generally considered a symbol of good luck and the animal is a symbol of good fortune. Elephant jewelry is commonly believed to bring luck to the person who is wearing it and makes a great gift for wishing someone luck with something

Evil Eye Lucky Elephant Anklet

5. Sterling Silver Infinity Bracelet ~ 29.99

The symbol represents the endless possibilities that exist in life. It is also a symbol that represents everlasting love and happiness. 




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