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Why do people wear Evil Eye?

Evil Eye Bracelet
                                        Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil Eye is universal symbol of protection, believed to nullify the strong effects of curses or negative energies cast on you, Evil Eye is basically a “reflector of harm”.

Evil Eye is generally referred to as ‘Mati’ in Greek which appears in different colors and in the form of jewelry, talismans, bracelets, pendants, rings, and other modern jewelry.

Suiting almost every type of outfit, this endless style of unisex jewelry looks great and is becoming quite trendy and fashionable in the last few decades. Possessing deep spiritual and religious importance, Evil Eye benefits and showcases its impact in the lives of a larger population of the world. Often used in cars, houses, offices, or as a piece of jewelry, the Evil Eye amulet which is also known as the “apotropaic amulet” drives away evil forces.

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