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Join our Fight Against Hunger in India!

 donate for the homeless childern

Our little contributions can change lives of many homeless population in India!

Hunger and homelessness is an exigent problem in India. 

India has the largest population of people below the poverty line in the world. There are almost 200 million undernourished men, women and children on the streets of the country.

Thousands of children die of hunger everyday and those who survive are miserable. A lot of poor children get a meal at the cost of wasting their childhood in jobs like serving in tea stalls and cleaning. Some become victim of trafficking and some even risk their lives by ending up making crackers or working in mines. 

These little ones are the future of our world and deserves basic opportunities to create a happy life for themselves. All they need is a little help to fulfil their basic needs, so they can focus on important aspects of life such as health, education and creating a bright future for themselves. 

The meals we take for granted mean the world to them. We believe that giving back to the community is the right way to live and provides ultimate joy. Let's hold each other's hand to give back together and be part of community that loves and care for one another. 

Donating as little as $5 would mean a day's food for 5 homeless people. For every dollar donated, Sutra will match the amount from our revenue.

donate for the homeless childern


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