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White Quartz Elephant

White Quartz Elephant

White Quartz Elephant

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This stunning natural quartz crystal elephant is perfect to be carried with you as a piece of positivity and good luck.

Elephant Good Luck Meaning:

In many cultures, elephants are considered symbols of good luck, prosperity, and wisdom. The belief in the good luck associated with elephants can be traced back to ancient times and is still prevalent in various parts of the world today.

Which way should an elephant face for Good Luck?

  1. Main entrance: In many cultures, it is believed that placing an elephant statue or figurine facing the main entrance or door of a house or business brings good luck and invites positive energy into the space. The idea is that the elephant acts as a guardian and protector, warding off negative energies and welcoming prosperity.

  2. Inside the home: Some people prefer to have elephant symbols or images facing inward, towards the center of the house. This is believed to promote harmony, unity, and positive energy within the household.

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