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Things to do on your self care day!

Life is all about good days and bad days. Even the most successful people have tough times. We all have potential, but to reach our maximum potential, it is essential to constantly rejuvenate ourselves.

It is almost like, we need a reset button to dump the stress of bad days. To regain our energies and comeback to our best physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

Everything is connected. In order to have a strong mind, we need a strong body. Mind is just like every other organ of our body. Just like our kidneys and lever need detox after a long party weekend. Our mind also need detox to flush out the bad thoughts and start over with an empty slate. 

Considering a healthy mind as a priority of self care we bring you some ideas for your self care day. 

1. Start with a positivity meditation: 

Meditation isn't everyone's cup of tea. It is hard to stop your mind from thinking. Thus, constant practice and teaching your mind is the best technique. 

Sit in a peaceful place and close your eyes, and speak to your inner self. Teach yourself of the changes you want to bring in your lifestyle. 

Teach yourself to let go, forgive and move on. Plan your future and decide the new healthy habits that you want to introduce in your life. 

Just like your body needs exercise, to stay in shape. Your mind needs air to stay healthy. More flow of oxygen to work better and be efficient. So, do some breathing exercises and start your day. 

2. Fill up your body with Nutrition.

For a healthy mind, we need strength and power which we can gain by pouring in nutrients in our body. Make a full day of healthy eating. Plan your meals a day before. 

Have fruits, yogurts, oats, nuts, leafy veggies and protein to treat your body and mind. 

3. Take a break from gadgets. 

Most people do not get time for self care, because their time is consumed scrolling on the internet. Thinking what their friends are doing and planning their life according to what others are doing. 

Some time off, from others with get you some time for yourself. Wherein, you can decide what you need to fill up the empty space of your mind. 

4. Go on a small hike or run.

Aerobic exercises increase the oxygen intake in your body and are also best to boost your spirits. Set goals and finish them. Such activities help us with our will power and determination. 

Small wins increase our confidence to take up big challenges in life and also prepare us to take bigger and life-changing decisions. Such as moving out of a toxic relationship, career switch or a major weight loss goal. 

5. Find peace in your alone time. 

Often people find it best to spend days with our loved ones. However, self care requires you to connect with yourself. You might want to listen to your heart and that will need sometime. 

Pamper yourself, take yourself on a shopping, watch your favorite movie, listen to your childhood songs.

These are some of our personal ways to stay sane and strong. We hope you will love it too. 


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