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How to energize your crystals? Tips for cleansing and charging your crystals.

Why should you energize your crystals? 

We carry crystals to get protection and in order to provide us with so, they absorb the negativity from us and also from the surroundings. For our crystals to continuously provide us protection at the highest efficiency, we must cleanse them and charge them. 

We also want to emphasize the fact the cleansing and charging are two different processes and both of them have their own impact. 

When should you cleanse your crystal?

When you bring your crystal home, either from a shop or being gifted by a friend. In both situations, the crystal will have old negative energies stored from the previous owner. Also, at the shop, the crystal might have been contacted by a number of people and must have absorbed the negative energies. To get rid of that negative energy stored by the crystal, you must cleanse it. 

When should you charge your crystal?

It is good to charge your crystal once a month. But if you are using it very often, every day while meditating, and also you are getting drawn to it when you are feeling low, you can charge your crystal once in fifteen days. 

Methods of cleansing your crystals:

1. Sage 

Sage is considered to be one of the best and most commonly used methods for cleansing your crystals. There are many varieties of sage but you can use the one that you will find easily. It will be a mixture of some herbs and dried flowers such as lavender or could be any other flower. Burn the sage and let your crystals be cleansed in the smoke from the sage. 

2. Sea Salt / Himalayan Pink Salt / Rice

You can cover your crystal with either sea salt, pink salt or rice for 24 hours and they will be cleansed. You need to throw the material you've used for cleansing your crystal as it will then absorb the negativity from the crystal.

3. A larger crystal or a crystal wand

You can also use a large clear crystal such a clear quartz to cleanse your crystals. You could get a large clear quartz crystal or a large clear quartz crystal wand. You can also get a selenite wand for cleansing your crystals.

Methods of Charging your crystals: 

There are many methods out there but we would suggest you the easiest ones. There are two ways or charging your crystals, solar and lunar. 

1. Solar: 

Keep your crystal in the sun for the entire day and it will be charged. If you have a crystal with bright color, you can reduce the time for charging it in the sun to ensure it will not lose its color. You can keep it in the sun for an hour. 

2. Lunar:

Keep your crystals in the moonlight for the entire night. It is recommended to charge your crystals on a full moon night in order to receive all benefits of moon lights. The full moon has the highest energy and it will fully charge your crystal for the rest of the month. 

We hope you got some useful information about taking care of your crystals as they are always taking care of you!


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