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Yin Yang Symbol Meaning | Blog Sutrawear

What is the Meaning of Yin Yang? 

Yin and Yang is originally a Chinese concept that explains the cosmic duality. In simple words, one can find opposite of everything. For every day there is a night, for female energy there is a male energy, if there is happiness, there is also a sadness. 

Explanation of Cosmic Duality

The dual nature of opposing forces is complex yet necessary. The yin and yang concept explains how imperative it is for opposing forces to exist together. These forces compliment one another and they both need one another to exist. It kind of seems like - this explains why opposite attracts. There is a part of something missing in yin that yang fulfills or vice versa. 

Origin of Yin Yang

There are many written records about yin and yang, some dating back to the Yin dynasty (about 1400–1100 BCE) and the Western Zhou dynasty (1100–771 BCE).

The oldest records of the yin-yang principle are found in the Zhouyi, also called the I Ching or Book of Changes, which was written by King Wen in the 9th century BCE during the Western Zhou dynasty.

Why is Yin Yang a significant symbol for us?

The balance of yin and yang forces is important for our physical and mental health. Yin and yang are still important today in traditional Chinese medicine and Feng Shui. The symbol indicates the nature of cosmic forces and answers questions for us in a way that provides us the wisdom we need to have a balanced approach in life. 


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