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What is the Best Time to Pray?

What is the best time to pray?

Most sources say that morning is the best time to pray. However, we believe that there is no best time to pray, their is only best state of mind to pray. We should choose our pray time based on several factors.

1. Prayer should be like a discipline and we must do it every single day and be consistent towards it. 

2.One must pray with a pure heart and remove all the ill feelings from oneself.

3.We should pray at the time, when we will not be disturbed due to any reasons. 

4.We should silent our phones and any other distractions. 

5.It isn't necessary you pray to an image associated to God, one can pray to the creator of this universe.  

How should I start praying?

One must start by establishing a connection with God. You must believe that God is listening to you and he is out there to help you. 

To establish a connection with God, you can read your religious prayers in mind or repeat the name of your God certain number of times and make it a practice. 

Repeating the name of your God, train your mind to even unconsciously staying connected with the God at all times. 

What should I pray about? 

One must understand that real connection with a God cannot be materialistic. He created the Material world of Maya to fool us and forget that the real reason we are humans is to advance our soul. The journey of every soul is to merge with the divine. One should always pray to achieve peace in mind and control over wants, emotions and negativity. This will help you cleanse yourself and flter out the weed from your life. 

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