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Protective Symbol Jewelry Gifts for Daughters!

Daughters are the love and happiness of our life. They are our everything and we wish nothing less than the most beautiful and safe life for them. Sutra creates jewelry with protective symbols. 

Sutra is a brand with spiritual values, we never encourage people to define their lives based on material achievements so even the gift of love is most special. Sometimes, we are experiencing situations such as separation for a while for education or work. Sometimes, we just want something special from us always staying with our kids as a reminder that their parents love them. For those times, these are the best gifts we could pick for you.


1. Shop 925 Sterling Silver Dolphin Necklace Online| Sutrawear

This stunning sterling silver necklace has this cute dolphin. These dolphins live together with their family for their entire lives and thus, the dolphin symbol is a symbol for togetherness and protection

925 Sterling Silver Dolphin Necklace

2. Shop Dream Catcher White Pearl Sterling Silver Necklace Online | Sutrawear

Dreamcatcher are known to ward off negative dreams and keep you protected. They are also considered as a symbol of good luck.

Shop Dream Catcher Necklace

3. Shop Yin Yang Heart Necklace Online | Sutrawear

Yin Yang is a symbol of cosmic duality. This symbol explains the importance of balance in life. 

Shop Yin Yang Necklace

4. Shop Heart Tree of Life 925 Sterling Silver Necklace Online | Sutrawear

Tree of life is a symbol of growth and wisdom. It is a symbol that speaks how we grow wiser with time. 

Shop Tree of Life necklace online

5. Shop Multicolor Evil Eye Bangle Online | Sutrawear

Evil Eye is a symbol of protection. Every color of evil eye is known to have different properties such as strength, immunity, and many others. This multicolor evil eye bangle offers you all.






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