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Let your favorite symbols speak who you are! | Blog | SUTRAWEAR

Sutra believes symbols have a very special role in our lives. We make many first impressions and in those first impressions, we cannot speak our hearts out and share our childhood stories. It takes time for us to create a bond strong enough to open up about our personalities. Wearing symbols in form of jewelry, clothes, charms and bags is a shortcut to share who we are. A lion bracelet will clearly talk about our fierce personality, a Jesus symbol will share our belief in god.

Wearing symbols isn't just a way to talk about ourselves to others, it is also a way to communicate with ourselves. In these changing, competitive and hard times. We sometimes forget who we are. You might love rainbows when your life is all hunky-dory and when life takes a wrong turn, we change. We forget what we liked. We forget we enjoyed the rains and we forget we cared about rainbows. In those times, your rainbow t-shirts and necklaces are a reminder of your real self and what you truly loved and cared.

Symbols are a way to connect with people around but more importantly, symbols are a way to connect with ourselves. No matter what changes in our surroundings, we are always happier being our real selves.

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