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Jewelry Ideas for this Year!

Jewelry has always played a very significant role. We can understand the history of a certain time by looking at the jewelry people wore. We can understand lifestyles, beliefs, gods, spiritual concepts, and many other details by looking at the jewelry. 

Jewelry is a form of expression and a way to communicate what we stand for in life. Based on what we think about the jewelry we have brought you some suggestions. Sutra is a shop for spiritual-minded and creates jewelry with spiritual symbolism. We believe if we wear the symbols we love, we feel closer to our authentic selves at all times.

1. OM Symbol: It is called the sound of the universe. The sound that created the universe. It is believed that chanting OM in meditation balances our chakras. Keeping such a symbol close to us is a constant spiritual reminder that we all are one with god. 

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2. Buddha Symbol: We all know buddha is a symbol of peace and calmness. He is a symbol of Kindness and positive energy. We love buddha so much that we believe having him around in the room can change the aura of a room completely. Buddha's face with eyes closed and a smile induces calmness to the surroundings. 
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3.Dream Catcher Symbol: This symbol is believed to protect us from nightmares. In the past, people used to hand this symbol above the beds of young children. Now-s-days it is used in multiple ways such as jewelry, and decor and people also ink this symbol. 
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4. Infinity Symbol: Infinity symbol is tied to the concept of eternal. It represents infinite potential, never-ending love and a never-ending cycle of life and death. 
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