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How to make a fashion statement?

What is your fashion statement? 

We are here to tell you that why living in style should be your priority. Creating a fashion statement for yourself is more than just a superficial thought. Deep diving into fashion statements also meaning to declutter your life and managing your thought process. 

It is like spiritually speaking to yourself and knowing "who you are". When you start dressing up a certain way, that radiates your mindset and your ideology. You become stronger mentally and start believing in yourself. 

If we need a quote to explain a fashion statement, these are the best words: 

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"

A fashion statement not only means wearing clothes that directly have statements or quotes on them. A fashion statement is a thought behind why you are dressed a certain way. 

These fashion statements aren't always for others but also a reminder to yourself. A businessman always wearing a suit will look into the mirror every morning and be reminded of a mission to grow his business. A climate enthusiast dressed minimalist would make a statement of taking less from the environment. A fitness enthusiast dressed in gym clothes would always be ready to hit the gym. 

Let your fashion statement be a reflection of your goals and purpose in life. 

We've got you some tips to create your own fashion statement:


1. Choose your colors.

Colors speak a lot about your personality. Every color has it's own significance, meaning, and statement. Someone wearing all white at all times says they like peace, and want to stand out, it also has some leadership skills and interest associated with it. Black is associated with seriousness, tenacity or power and wish to convey those messages or attitudes to people. 

All colors have their own identity and wearing colors that matches with our identity strengthens our confidence. 

2. Wear Tees and Jackets with Slogans that matter to you.

In times like today, awareness is a style statement in itself. We all are impressed with someone who knows what is happening is the surroundings. Let the world know your thoughts about climate change, gender equality and other social issues. 

3. Dress comfortably for the day. 

We all know what's it like to see someone in shoes running around and we are dying in pain due to uncomfortable heels. No matter what we think about the style, we all feel jealous of someone enjoying comfort. 

Comfort itself is a style statement. When you are dressed right for the occasion, being equipped for all we need for your projects also says a lot about how organized, reliable, and organized we are. 

4. Accessorize for style.

A little extra is always better for standing out. Accessorize with strong symbols with meanings and significance. Your accessories are the best tool to make a point about your beliefs. Wear your religious symbols, gods, new age symbols, and spirit animals. 

You can intrigue others with wanting to know more about you with your personality. 

5. Tattoos

This one might not be for everyone. But, everyone has a thing, one single thing they live by. It could be their love for their family, their profession or what they truly believe in. Whatever it is, don't be shy to live by it through your tattoos.






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