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Choose the right finger based on your Ring! | Blog SUTRAWEAR

When it comes to wearing rings, there are numerous questions that arise. One of the most common question is "which is the right finger for my new ring". People have many questions such as where should they be wearing ring if they are single. Men and women wear rings in different fingers. The spiritual meaning, the physical benefits and so on. Let's try to give you some answers. 

Question 1: Which is the Best Finger For Silver Ring?

Answer: Wearing a silver ring is great for you. It helps you with the immunity, protects you from flu and also reduces the time span for long illnesses. 

You are wear a silver ring on any finger except index finger. Index finger is connected with Jupitar and you should wear a gold ring in your index finger.

Question 1: Which is the Best Finger For Gold Ring?

Answer: Wearing a gold ring on your index finger is certainly the best choice. You can also include a stone along with it. Wearing a gold ring on your index finger helps you with focus and concentration. 

Question 1: Which is the Best Finger For Diamond Ring?

Answer: As we all know what's better than a big diamond on your fourth finger, also called the ring finger. You can also wear a diamond ring on your middle finger. 

Many countries differ on wearing an engagement ring on the left hand or right. You can follow your customers and wear accordingly. 

Question 1: Which is the Best Finger For Pearl Ring?

Answer: One should wear a pearl ring on the little finger/ pinky of your right hand. It is believed that pearl is a stone that helps with anger and moods. A pearl ring is associated with planet moon and as it provides strength to our moon planet, it stabilizes us emotionally.

Question 1: Which is the Best Finger For Platinum Ring?

Answer: As most people choose platinum ring as their engagement ring. It is worn in your fourth finger.

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