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Can one heal through spirituality?

How can I heal diseases through Spirituality? 

Our diseases are an outcome of our own Karma. The karma that we have accumulated in this life or past life. 

When we meditate constantly and reach the state of spiritual awakening. We reach beyond the karmic plane. There are no karmic diseases for a spiritually enlightened being. 

The karmas are for the ordinary people and not for someone who realizes the realms of material world. One who knows that this world is a thought of creator and can dematerialize any moment cannot be caught in the cycle of life and death and sufferings of karma. 

However, knowing isn't enough and theory isn't enough. One must practically become a yogi to escape the karmic cycles and reach beyond the material world.

How can I heal emotionally through spirituality?

Spirituality is the fastest way to get rid of any emotional pain. One can study the words of god from any religion and it will heal you. 

All gods, say that one must know that everything is unreal in this world. The road to higher self or inner self begins with detachment. There is no pain on the path of detachment, there is only bliss as you get close to yourself. 

Spirituality is a modern science and it always stays relevant. The principals of spirituality can never be outdated. Spiritual awakening is one healthy addiction. It helps you refrain from unhealthy practices in life, it heals you forever and makes you stronger to face any challenges in future. 

Start meditating to remind yourself your priorities and the fact the no one can give you or take awake your happiness.

Although, healing is an internal process. However, one can escalate it by wearing silver metal or healing crystals. 

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