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Accessories to wear with a bodycon dress | Blog Sutrawear

Fashion is demanding and constantly evolving. We are always learning about what will look best on us. Fashion is a statement in itself as it speaks your personality. How bold and how risky are you? It speaks to your mood and beliefs.  

We are always thinking about how to style our looks to make the most out of our outfits. A bodycon dress is everyone's favorite. It looks beautiful on all body types. A bodycon dress accentuates the curves of a curvy body type and gives a shining moment to a slim woman. 

As we know you all have your favorite bodycon dresses, we bring you some fun accessories to style them. 

1. A Bracelet in Gold Color can Never Go Wrong:

Gold Charm Bracelet

2. Statement Earrings: When in don't try something fun out. These earrings are perfect "Earrings for Bodycon Dress".

3. Big Hoops: A plain bodycon dress is perfectly elevated with a pair of gold hoops.

hoop earrings

4. Layered Necklace: A sweetheart neckline or a deep necklace will look perfect being paired with a layered necklace. 


Another pro tip to all my fashion lovers will be to not wear them all together. A layered necklace should a paired with small diamond/ gold studs. A pair of statement earrings can be worn with some fun rings.


  • Katherine

    You are awesome in this women’s bodycon dress. This style really suits you. However, I understand what you are saying about these styles of midi dresses. It can be difficult to find the right type of suitable material for this type of bodycon dress. These colors are beautiful on you. This dress is definitely one of my favorites fashion

  • Thomas

    Wow—super cute! I love any clothing item that allows for it to be worn in various ways! I’ll have to get one of these for myself!

  • Helen

    Thank you, It is a very nice articles and very interesting information provided about bodycon dress. To Visit

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