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5 Relaxing Home Decor Ideas

AOur home has a very special place in our hearts. We might own many properties or travel for work. At the end of the day, we all think about going to the place we call home. 

Every home is unique, it is personal. It resonates with the personality of the people who live in it. We want to make our home as lively as possible. We want to make our home talk more about the stories we create in it. 

It is said your home should be like a temple, "peaceful, calm and relaxing". In order to so, we got some suggestions for you. 

1. Surround yourself with Buddha Vibes

The story of buddha is a story of sacrifice to find the ultimate truth. It reminds us of the fickle nature of petty matters that bring sadness to our life. Buddha believed in balance and understanding that one shouldn't be affected by happiness or sadness and experience life as an enlightened soul. 

2. Add Crystals for positivity and happiness

Crystals are beautiful and beneficial. These magical stones have balanced frequencies that will balance our chakras. Crystals radiate calm and healing energies around us. They are a piece of nature and soothing to our eyes. Keeping ourselves surrounded by crystals protects us from negative thoughts.

3. Let your lucky symbols and spirit animals bless you 

Let your angels guard you, and let your favorite lucky symbols surround you. Our beliefs, god, and spiritual symbols give us hope when we need it the most. We might live by ourselves but these symbols accompany us and give us strength. 

4. Your house will come to life with plants

Plants are living and so is their vibe. Green healthy plants in a house represent a happy home. These plants transform a house into a home, they are just like some members of the house that want and give love. You can also add plants like herbs that you use for cooking. These plants will nurture you and also add beauty to your house.

5. Positive affirmations and quotes

We all need motivation at certain times. There is no better place than our home to inspire us and keep us motivated to achieve our goals. When we wake up to our favorite words that inspire us to do better every day, it will reflect an impact on our entire life. 

 I took inspiration from my own home and felt these are the most significant aspects of home décor. These aspects not only add beauty but also add meaning and life to my home and hope it will do the same for all of us.


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